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Striving to find lost precious items 

Over the past few years, MDO have been asked on numerous occasions to assist in the recovery of lost property. To date we have managed to recover all sorts of valuables, from watches, keys and rings and other sentimental items.


With this in mind we have now setup a nationwide detection service that will assist you in finding your lost property. We have over a three hundred detectorists covering the UK ready and able to hopefully recover your lost items.



To find a detectorist in your area simply use our Google map app below, when you find your closest red pin, click on it, this will bring up a link to a word document with the county's detectorists and their contact details.

Most detectorists will cover a 25 mile radius around their town. 


Should you wish to contact MDO for assistance please use our company contact details.

Thank you

Check out our Facebook page and give us a review!


If you would like to be a detectorist on our map, please send complete the form below. Please note that your details including name, number and postcode will be added to a downloadable document available to the public on this site. 

Add my contact details to the public Lost and Found contacts list

Give us a hand & start making a difference

I've lost an item! Important
Complete form and use the map located below to locate a detectorist near you.

This form serves only as a record of who has used the service. This does not initiate support for locating a lost item. You must independently contact a detectorist listed on the map.

Thanks for submitting! Use the map below to locate a detectorist near you! We do not arrange anything between you and the detectorist so you will need to call them to arrange everything. 

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