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GM 1+ UK

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GM ONE 24kHz

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Metal Detectors Online is a UK based company that has been appointed the first  official re-seller of Golden Mask's impressive range of metal detectors, search coils and other associated products in the UK & USA. The full range of Golden Mask detectors are displayed above. The rest of our products can be found in the "shop now" section, at the top of the page. Although we are based in the United Kingdom, we are able to ship worldwide on request. Please contact us first.



Formally the manufacturer of the Banditto range of metal detectors, famous for the unearthing the Golden Mask in Central Bulgaria in 2004. Credited with superb workmanship, a real robust, reliable and effective range of metal detectors; now branded Golden Mask.

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GM 5+ SE

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GM 5+ SE Platinum

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GM 5+ SE Relictum


The Golden Mask, discovered near the village of Shipka central Bulgaria by Prof Georgi Kitov in 2004,  this amazing artefact weighing in at 690 grams of 23 carot gold is believed to be the cast of the then ruler Teres the king of the Thracians people. Displayed today in Sofia.