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5 reasons why we think #metaldetecting can be a life changing hobby!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

When it comes to metal detecting, we think we have figured out why it is such an uplifting hobby...

1. Exercise

Detector shown in image by Matthew Shaw @foundbysound - #Deeptech #DeepTechVistaX #VistaX #DeepTechMetalDetector When it comes to exercise, most of us have gone through spells in life where for many reasons we have led a very sedentary lifestyle; the pandemic didn't help a lot of us either right? There are a myriad of reasons as to why we may not have been physically active. Whether our jobs mean we are stuck at a desk for hours on end, physical health restricting our ability to get out and about or, for some it could be challenges faced regarding our mental health causing us to prefer to stay home. There's nothing quite like clawing your way out of a rut, and for many people, picking up a new hobby is hugely important in the journey to better physical health. 2. Socialising and friendships

It's never too late to form new friendships! You can start by joining up to various social media groups to build a rapport with members, find out about organised digs and just go for it! You already have something in common, there's no need for awkward small talk as there is such a huge amount of detecting related conversation just waiting to happen. 3. Travelling to new places

Grab your keys, snacks and metal detecting gear and go go go! Get out there and see the world, or at least your corner of it! Find new hills to climb (and then roll down them for good measure), relaxing river views or miles of coastline. Wherever you go, take it all in and embrace the novelty. Just make sure that you get permission from land owners first in the form of a proper contract. You do not want to land yourself in hot water by digging up someone's land without prior consent. 4. Mental stimulation, education and problem solving

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It's well documented that learning and keeping up knowledge is hugely beneficial for your physical brain health. You'll have a variety of challenges on a dig, problems to solve and skills to pull out of the bag in order to maximise potential on a dig. Nobody said detecting is easy, you will need to knuckle down and study your detector's features. For the more experienced detectorist, who may love detecting by listening to the sounds of your detector, this takes time and practise in order to start picking up on the clues in the tones. Back to school - Geography, history, technology to name a few, are topics you'll be continuously developing. Perhaps those subjects were not a firm favourite in school, but this time round you get the chance to shape your own learning without an exam, WIN! Imagine finding a coin from the Icini tribe in Norfolk or an ancient ring , its bound to spark a natural interest in finding out more about the relevant historical period. 5. Rewarding

Oh the satisfaction when you have a good day! There will be good days and bad days, that is just the reality we face; but starting each dig day with determination and optimism has to be better than a day of not trying at all. One day your finds could be sitting in the beautiful display of a museum, telling a story for many years to come. On the other hand you could find a piece of jewellery or something highly sentimental that someone is desperately trying to be reunited with. If you are interested in joining a voluntary service run by Metal Detectors Online, please visit the lost and found page to sign up at

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