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The ultimate Non-Motion detector featuring a clever 3-Mode Operating System.

The CS1220XD is designed to replicate the way in which professional detectorists detect. The result is a 3-Mode Operating System reflecting distinctly different ways of detecting.

GROUND/DISCRIMINATE MODE is a 2-Channel System which allows you to switch rapidly between a MAX DEPTH ‘normal’ search pattern and TARGET ID to check if the target is worth digging.

METER DISC SEARCH Mode operates as if the ‘eyes and ears’ of the detector are extended ready to deliver maximum information about the target underground. The audio channel of the detector operates in maximum depth while the meter display provides information about the desirability of the object.

METER AND AUDIO DISC MODE offers maximum target information contained in the audio signal and on-screen. The intelligent CS1220XD allocates a tone to every target object, higher pitched sounds to valuable objects and lower pitched sounds to undesirable targets. You listen for the right sound which means treasure underfoot.

With the CS1220XD you buy into the experience of the hobby’s top detectorists. The CS1220XD operates as an extension of the senses and is the fast track to successful detecting.

If the methodical approach is the one that suits your temperament. If that magic 1220 target ID feature appeals (great on typical farmland sites infested with iron rubbish), then the CS1220XD has to be the very best choice for the professional detectorist.