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Easy to operate, Performance Motion detector.

The CSCOPE 2MX is priced in the same bracket as many beginner detectors but this is a hidden gem of a detector that once discovered will soon become an essential piece of your detecting kit.

The CS2MX is a ‘switch-on-and-go’ design with automatic tuning activated by the motion of the search-head passing over the ground.

There’s beauty in simplicity. If the mere mention of a learning curve fills you full of dread. If you’re allergic to operating manuals. If you just want to get out and enjoy the greatest hobby on earth in as much time as it takes you to fit the batteries, choose the CS2MX.

The CS2MX offers professional levels of detection depth plus a Variable Discrimination System which simply eliminates the signals from undesirable targets.

If fatigue on the arm is a matter of concern to you, consider the extremely lightweight of this detector. And if you have a lot of ground to cover and you like to move fast, the highly responsive CS2MX will suit your style of detecting right down to the ground!