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Classic Non-Motion detector combined with Audio Discrimination and Signal Meter. Switchable for Inland or Beach.

The CS990XD non-motion detector has been developed so that anyone can be detecting like a pro with very little practice.

The CS990XD can be adjusted to achieve maximum performance on all ground types. There’s meter and audio discrimination for effective rejection of rubbish metal signals.

The NON-MOTION operating system allows any sweep speed to be adopted and easy identification of the precise target position. The CS990XD is a neat combination of professional features on a budget priced machine.

If you like to get into the science of metal detecting from the word go the CS990XD puts you in the driving seat. All the elements of detector operation are there to adjust for maximum performance.

Amateur and professional archaeologists will go for the precision of the CS990XD concept. Sifting carefully through sand or soil in search of the smallest targets is just the job the CS990XD was designed for.