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The Golden Mask 1+ UK is our best-selling detector to date. Operating at 15 kHz which is ideal for the UK’s wet and high mineralised soils. With its fixed ground balance and simple to operate controls, simply switch on and get detecting. Great depth and rapid recovery speed make the 1+ UK an extremely effective detector at a very affordable price. Full technical specifications can be found in our user guide section of the website. Ideal coil size 9” x 10"




Golden Mask 1+ UK detector, a choice of four coils, telescopic retractable carbon fibre stem, rechargeable batteries x 10, GM smart charger with light indicator, coil protector, battery cover, and an English user guide printed or on a USB memory stick. Full no quibble two-year guarantee. Full telephone advice and support.

Golden Mask 1+ UK (Non-Wireless Edition) T-Stem

SKU: 9027