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Generally instock, due to customs delays could be 10 - 14 days delivery. You will be kept informed.




Golden Mask 5+ SE is an improved version of the original Golden Mask 5+. The Golden Mask 5+ SE is made with new generation Etrim™ operational amplifiers with EMI/RFI filtered inputs. Thanks to the used Etrim™ chips, the SE signal/noise ratio is much better, and under good conditions, you can set the threshold as high as the maximum pre-set 30. The 80% analogue technology allows for great depth and fast recovery speed at the same time. Added 10% depth in mode Power Box - High. Improved work on mineralized soils in mode Power Box - Low. Added Iron Volume - You can control the volume of the sound from ferrous targets in Bi-Tonal mode (Volume 0-7). The 5+ SE is offered in two versions: Standard with working frequency 8 and 18 kHz, and Platinum that works at 15 and 30 kHz. Ideal coil size 9”





Golden Mask 5+ Special Edition, a choice of coils, telescopic retractable carbon fibre stem, Bluetooth wireless headphones WS 106/105, rechargeable batteries x 10, GM smart charge with light indicator, coil protector, battery cover, main control unit cover and an English user guide printed or on a USB memory stick. Full no quibble two-year guarantee. Full telephone advice and support.

Golden Mask 5+ SE