Golden Mask 6 is an all-purpose VLF metal detector that runs at 3 frequencies: 5, 15 or 30 kHz. With the three frequencies, all your needs will be perfectly covered - 5 kHz for relics, treasures, hoards, 15 kHz for coin shooting and general use, and 30 kHz for gold prospecting, tiny gold jewelry or other hard-to-detect targets. Combined with the new Fighter S search coil, this is a real all-round machine to cover every style of prospecting an any type of soil - from non-mineralized, to very mineralized. In this model Golden Mask implements for the first time a real menu system with user-modifiable preset’s. This way you can quickly switch from "coins" to "relics" with only two button clicks. You can modify the presets (called "programs" in the menu), and if you mess with the settings, you have the option to revert to the factory values. The Golden Mask 6 uses the same telescopic shaft as the previous model. Wireless

GoldenMask 6

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