Nokta Makro Simplex+ (ALSO Available WHP and free Pulsedive pinpointer)
  • Nokta Makro Simplex+ (ALSO Available WHP and free Pulsedive pinpointer)


    Purchase a Simplex+ WHP for £369.00 and receive a Nokta Makro PulseDive Pointer worth £109.95 FREE!(This free pointer is supplied with Dive end cap, charging cable and belt holster) What's included?Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal DetectorWaterproof SP28 DD Search Coil 28cm / 11'' & CoverUSB Charging & Data Cable6.3mm Headphone Adapter2 Year Warranty+ Nokta Makro Wireless 2.4gHz Headphones (optional extra with the WHP Pack) Simply unrivalled.The first waterproof detector on the market offering extreme depth and high-end features at an entry-level price! Simple enough for beginners, yet impressive enough for experts!Are you new to metal detecting and simply need an easy to use detector.You cannot afford a high-end detector but you simply want extreme depth and basic features of a high-end device?

    If you said yes to one of the above, SIMPLEX+ is the sole choice that covers it all. We are proud to offer our first entry level detector, the SIMPLEX+, which makes quality metal detecting available and affordable for all users.

    SIMPLEX+ is a turn-on & go detector with auto ground balancing! It boasts preset search modes, including a beach mode, in a very easy-to-use, single menu design.

    Whether you are searching for coins, artifacts or jewelry on land or underwater, SIMPLEX+ is the most cost-effective yet durable detector featuring a modern and lightweight style.

    Simplex+ MSRP : £279
    Simplex+ WHP (Wireless Headphone Pack) MSRP and FREE  : £369

    IP68Fully submersible up to 3 meters (10 ft) and protected from total dust ingress.

    Frequency ShiftGet rid of EMI easily by shifting the frequency in small increments.Iron VolumeTurns off or adjusts the volume of the low iron tone.

    Notch DiscriminationDiscriminates Target IDs of unwanted metals.

    Online Firmware UpdatesStay up-to-date with firmware updates (via USB on PC) and get the most out of your detector.

    Built-in Wireless ModuleCompatible with 2.4 GHz Nokta Makro Green Edition Wireless Headphones.

    VibrationSIMPLEX+ will vibrate upon detection of target!

    Ideal for the hearing impaired users as well as for detection underwater.Search ModesAll Metal / Field / Park / BeachFabulous Lighting for Night & Underwater UseSIMPLEX+ has it all - LCD Backlight, Keypad Backlight and LED Flashlight.

    Retractable ShaftShaft retracts down to 63 cm (25").

    Great for easy transport, storage as well as diving!

    Lightweight (1.3kg / 2.9Ibs)Well balanced - Enjoy detecting for extended hours without fatigue.

    Built-in Lipo BatteryEasily charge it with the supplied USB Charging Lead.

    PINPOINTER when purchasing Simplex+ WHP

    THE MOST INNOVATIVE PINPOINTER ON THE MARKET WITH BUILT-ON WIRELESS MODULE THAT CAN ALSO TRANSFORM INTO A SCUBA DETECTOR!Whether you are a professional diver, a vacationer or simply a detectorist who loves to search both on land and underwater, the PulseDive Pinpointer will provide you with unique features that will enrich your detecting experience.Patented DesignThis innovative design allows for a quick transformation of the device from a Scuba Detector into a Pinpointer and vice versa in a matter of seconds.IP68Waterproof up to 60m (200ft.)Pulse InductionThis powerful technology allows for very stable operation in saltwater or in any type of soil.Built-in Wireless ModuleCompatible with Nokta Makro 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones.Detection Alerts & Indicators1. Audio Only2. Vibration Only3. Audio & VibrationLED Indicator in addition to any of the above


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