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This is a one of a kind design, marine grade 316 stainless steel digging tool for metal detecting by Raven.

This unique digger tool is incredibly strong and rust resistant due to it's reinforced wedge shaped design and stainless steel construction. Its corrosion resistant stainless steel blade has been blast treated to give it a clean and sleek matt surface finish across the whole blade; and has a soft rubber sleeved handle for a comfortable grip. The grip is available in black and some other colours on request.

This digging ‘trowel‘ is perfect for beach use due to the 316 stainless steel material and can easily cope with land and fields too.

All of these digging tools are handmade and TIG welded by professionals in the UK.

Note: The price listed is for one digger with its stylish fabric sheath.

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Raven Stainless Steel Cutting Edge Digging Tool